Changes to Partner Visa processing

Partner Visa - Confused and Stressed

Partner Visa News: Just announced The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced that the following will impact on processing TIMES. Processing of onshore partner visas is no longer allocated by month of lodgement Priority to be given to low-risk, fully complete, applications that immediately satisfy Partner criteria Read More here To understand how […]

4 Costly Mistakes Couples Make When Applying For A Marriage Visa

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  We have seen them countless times. We understand the reasons couples get themselves in these knots. So, we decided to share them. In today’s world, it is very common to Do-It-Yourself. The argument for it seems to make sense – money saved! Having said that, we are also reminded of this, “penny wise, pound […]

6 Tips to Fast Track Your Marriage Visa Application

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6 Tips to Fast Track Your Marriage Visa Application The wait is long and anxious. But you can get ahead of the Marriage Visa queue. It is not completely out of your hands. Here are the 6 tips to get in front of the line.   1. Get your finances in order: Too many people underestimate […]

Buy vardenafil canada The 10 Myths About a Marriage Visa You Must Avoid

Partner Visa Perth; Migration Agent Perth, Marriage Visa Perth

The 10 Myths About a Marriage Visa You Must Avoid No one can guarantee you a visa to reside in Australia. Not even a MARRIAGE VISA. Yet, we are sure you have been given these assurances. Here are 10 other myths you must know. 1. Its easy! Others have done it themselves No two cases […]

“My Australian Visa Is Expiring”: 3 things to do NOW

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Does this sound familiar?   “HELP! My Australian Visa Is Expiring” We’ve heard it many times. From busy at work or school, “I was having a good time traveling the country” to “I thought I had more time”, we’ve heard it all. They are common occurrences. What can you do when it happens to you? […]

The 3 Horrors of A Wrong Choice of Australian Visa Type

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Oh no … No word can describe the disappointment of a rejection decision from the Department of Border Protection and Immigration. Before you now is an unfulfilled dream; the opportunity of a better life for you and your spouse / partner has vanished. What remains is a series of “what ifs …” . If only […]

Australian Visa Types: 3 reasons why NOW is the best time

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Australian Visa Types: 5 reasons planning can help identify the right one

How does it feel to be granted residency in the country of your choice? Great, we reckon, especially when you recount the hoops and hurdles you had to go through. It’s not that the process has been made difficult for you. Fact is, there are steps in place. But without planning, you risk getting lost […]

Perth Nightlife- A Few Options

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  A weekend can feel like an island of peace after a grueling work week. But it’s only a matter of hours before boredom starts to set in. Fortunately, Perth has a pulsating nightlife scene that offers fun and entertainment for families, couples and singles, and can keep you busy on weekend evenings. The nightlife […]

Government increases offshore Visa fees from July 1 2015

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Australian Government increasing Offshore Partner Visa and Prospective Marriage fees by over 32% from July 1st 2015 Lodging off shore (outside of Australia) PARTNER VISA CHARGES * Provisional and permanent partner visas – for the main applicant currently $4,630 increased to $6,865 For applications lodged on or after the 1st of July, 2015 the Visa […]

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