Perth Nightlife- A Few Options

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  A weekend can feel like an island of peace after a grueling work week. But it’s only a matter of hours before boredom starts to set in. Fortunately, Perth has a pulsating nightlife scene that offers fun and entertainment for families, couples and singles, and can keep you busy on weekend evenings. The nightlife […]

Sports and Outdoor Activities in Perth

Things to do in Perth

An Enchanting Prison Perth reveals itself to be the most easy-going and pleasant cities some time after you’ve made it your home, but settling here can be quite unsettling in the beginning. The largest city in Western Australia has the reputation for being the most isolated in the world, so you might feel you’re living […]

Understanding the local lingo

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The people of Western Australia have some very colourful phrases that can be very difficult to understand at first. Here we will try to explain the basics of understanding the local way of speaking. An important thing to remember when listening to Australians is that they tend to shorten words and this is very common […]

Buying a Car in Perth

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You may feel you need to buy a car in order to go to the shops, explore the countryside and in most cases commute to work. Perth is a big city and the distances between places that you need to get to can be huge. Buying a car in Australia is a fairly simple experience. […]

Public Transport in Perth

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On arrival in Perth, you will need to use public transport at least for the first few days. The public transport system is very good and some people choose to use it for their commute to work especially if they work in the city centre. We’re here now what? Taxi or Shuttle? Friends or family? […]

Opening a bank account in WA

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One of the most important steps in moving to a new country is opening a bank account in that country. It can be very confusing and the system may be very different to what you are used to. Here a few important things to remember: You will need to take along some sort of identification […]

To rent or buy on arrival in Perth

Living in Australia

On arrival in Perth you will obviously need somewhere to stay. There are a number of options and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Stay with Family or Friends The cheapest option is to stay with family or friends in Perth. This option is great from a financial stand point but you will need […]

Back to School In Western Australia 2015

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So about those school terms. What are those by the way? We head back to school in early February and the summer holidays for our family feel like they have been very short; Time has just disappeared! We have 2 little ones and understanding how school in Western Australia works can be a little tricky […]

Where are the fireworks? Australia Day Perth WA

Australia Day Fireworks

So my family has much to celebrate every Australia Day as one of my younger sisters is in fact born on Australia Day. So it is always a time of birthday celebrations for our family complete with ice cream birthday cake before lunchtime! However many people love Australia Day as a time to come together […]

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